Welcome to van peppo! Guided by what I find beautiful in the natural world, I am currently creating relief ink prints using polystyrene and water-based inks. They are part of a project to make 6 calendars for personal use. Each plate gives about 12-18 prints before the polystyrene deteriorates, so there are only 6-10 of each image available for purchase. As such they are very limited edition, hand-printed, and each can vary greatly in texture and intensity of colour. I love the process largely because the stakes are high and the medium forces me to move on to the next image fairly quickly; each is a surprise, and my relationship to the image changes throughout the processes of research, design, carving, printing and drying.

Some of the animals I choose have an obvious connection to the month of the year they represent, for others it is more mysterious, but all of them are species which speak to me in some way and have, in a sense, always needed to be portrayed through my art at some point. Many I consider to be spiritually emblematic; not necessarily representing particular human traits or concerns, but just as having an ancient weight, or mythic intrigue.

You will see I have a love of the curves present in nature: from the moon to the arc of a nautilus shell, and very clearly in the lines of knee and hip joints of various mammals. My work is mostly a celebration of things in nature which give me the experience of magic and awe, including the animals themselves, but also the shapes and colours involved in representing them in art.

Stages of the process - pictures coming soon!

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